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****Warning! Confidential Wonderbolt History Below! Proceed With Knowledge!****

This episode was downright good! This episode felt like the old episodes that we all began with when we first started watching MLP. It gave a great paced story line throughout the entire episode...almost. The ending felt a little rushed, but nothing disasterly bad about it. In this episode, we looked into the history of the Wonderbolts and how even though Rainbow Dash LOVES the Wonderbolts, she knew nothing about their history. We also learned that some people learn different ways than others do. Rainbow Dash learns from observing while having a conversation. It's an odd way to learn, but that's what suits her. I think that the way I learn is through hands-on experience or being asked the question/problem over and over a few times. I can't learn how to do something unless I try it out myself and in some cases given a reason why you do it. I need to make sense of things in order to understand it sometimes. I'm getting off topic here... :dummy:
Anyways, the other mane 5 try to help teach Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pies 1990's Rap style is one of those reasons why I love this show. Twilight went back to basics with her ways when she arrived in Ponyville which gave me a bunch of nostalgia (and books). Rarity's outfit attempt was just plain out adorable. I literally wanted to hug Rarity so bad and snuggle her so-
Well ummm....... :blushing: 
Fluttershy's attempt was outright adorable and very clever. Honestly, I think I would've learned the best from hers (if the play was staged better. :meow:) And Applejack......She didn't really help. :| (Blank Stare) But she can tell you about apples! I am a dummy! 
This episode did something quite interesting and it personally changed my impression on Rainbow Dash. For once in a long time, it seems that the show gave Rainbow Dash a good human personal issue in life and gave her better character that I haven't seen in Rainbow Dash in so long (since like....Season 2! le gasp la  ) This made me so happy and I hope to keep her that way in the long run! :D
Also, the episode focused on mostly Rainbow Dash, but brought the mane 6 all together, but they separated them out in the episode and each of them played a role in the episode, but it acted out more like "The Ticket Master" but instead they were trying to help her learn, but instead overwhelmed her and I loved how they did it! I want to see more episodes like this! Pikachu gasp Plz 

:D (Big Grin)  Overall, this episode was made well and gave the feeling of the older episode style that I've come to love! :D (Big Grin) 

What's your opinion on this episode?
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Adam Charette
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Hey! Welcome to my Deviant Art Page! :wave:

My name is Adam and I was born and raised in the state of Massachusetts. I am 18 and my birthday is December 9, 1995. I am a Senior in High School this year. :D I love to run in Cross Country, play basketball, and play video games! I also play the drums! I have been a Brony since August 21st of 2012 and I can say that I have never been any happier in my life since I joined the herd! :)

My favorite ponies are both Rarity :iconrarityplz: and Princess Luna. :iconprincesslunaplz: Both are just amazing and both are voiced by the same person! Coincidence? I think not!

My favorite music is probably:

I listen to many genres and mostly and song. As long as it's in my quota of taste, which is very vast! :D

I enjoy mostly any Brony song! :D

My favorite bands are:
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Daft Punk
-System of a Down
-Five Finger Death Punch

I would list my favorite Brony artists, but my list would bore you to death. :XD:

I suck at drawing and stuff. I'm more of a "screw around with art stuff and then...BAM! Art!" kind of artist, if that makes any sense. :D

Feel free to talk to me whenever you like!

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