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  • Mood: Amazed
  • Listening to: Tom Sawyer by Rush
  • Playing: Steam Games
img-3489056-1-Ruritywaha zps02a6ec61 by Zenkonto

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So this goober :iconnykkes64: tagged me and now I'm held against my will to do this tag journal. Lol! Jk! :XD:

I don't mind doing this cause I feel inspired to right now anyways. :meow:

I'm too lazy to copy & paste. So here's my lazy rules:

  • 13 facts about myself
  • 13 questions :iconnykkes64: made for me to answer

Facts & shiz:

  1. I play a lot of video games (Xbox and Steam mostly)
  2. I'm a huge Dark Souls fan! (Praise the Sun!)
  3. I've been playing drums since I started high school back in 2010
  4. My favorite genre of music is classic rock. Mainly anything from the 60s to the 90s.
  5. I'm from Massachusetts, but I don't speak like a Bostonian. I speak more like a Rhode Islander (A.K.A. a mix between a New York accent and a Boston accent). Hard to explain if you don't live around here. Kinda like this
  6. I can't draw to save my life. :XD:
  7. I'm very shy until I've know a person for a while.
  8. I'm not one to hold a grudge. I get over things pretty quick.
  9. I'm not a fast learner. (So bear with me :meow:)
  10. My inspiration for joining this site was for Ponies. :bademoticon:
  11. I've met awesome people and friends through the fandom.
  12. I have a childhood friend who I still talk to everyday since we met when we were toddlers.
  13. Watching sports is not really my thing.

My Questions

1. What is your current Favorite Anime?
Kuroko no Basuke Kasamatsu 1 
2. What is your favorite Nintendo Franchise?
STAIR FAX! Fox McCloud on FF6 
3. When did you begin watching MLP FIM for the first time. (Month and Year)
August 2012
4. Who did you / currently cosplay as?
I've never cosplayed before. I've only been to one convention. (PAX East 2014)
5. Do you say that 2015 is the best year of premiere Movies of any genre? (ala. Avengers, Terminator, Snoopy's Peanuts, Pixels, Minions, MadMax, Inside Out, Star Wars ep. 7, and more)
I guess....I don't watch a lot of movies. :meow:
6. Do you eat food mainly with a Spoon or Fork?
7. iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Phones?
8. Do you play any sports?
I use to take Cross country in high school. It was the best!
9. Favorite Mane 6 of MLP:FIM?
Rarity encantada Rarity (laugh) plz Rarity (blink eye) plz Rarity (IT'S CLOBBERING TIME) Plz Rarity (Puppy Dog Eyes) Plz Rarity (No no touch anything no touch) plz Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz Rarity (Cute facial expression) Rarity-chew Rarity (Worried) Plz Rarity (Realization) Plz 
Gee. I don't know.........
10. Which Super Hero do you want to be?
11. Do you have Skype to chat with friends from different states or Countries?
12. Would you hug a dragon?
As long as it's friendly
13. have you ever been to a Rave party?
Nope :meow:

I'm not gonna bother with tagging people and making questions, cause most people probably won't do it anyways, but if you wanna take a crack at it be my guest!
Just use the same questions I used.

  • Mood: Amazed
  • Listening to: Tom Sawyer by Rush
  • Playing: Steam Games
img-3489056-1-Ruritywaha zps02a6ec61 by Zenkonto



Zenkonto's Profile Picture
Adam Charette
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey! Welcome to my Deviant Art Page! :wave:

My name is Adam and I was born and raised in the state of Massachusetts. I am 19 and my birthday is December 9, 1995. I have currently graduated High School! :D I love to run in Cross Country, play basketball, and play video games! I also play the drums! I have been a Brony since August 21st of 2012 and I can say that I have never been any happier in my life since I joined the herd! :)

My favorite ponies are both Rarity :iconrarityplz: and Princess Luna. :iconprincesslunaplz: Both are just amazing and both are voiced by the same person! Coincidence? I think not!

My favorite music genres are:
- Rock
- Metal
- Progressive Rock/Metal
- Orchestral Rock/Metal
- Classic Rock
- Alternative Rock
- Funk

I listen to many genres and mostly and song. As long as it's in my quota of taste, which is very vast! :D

I enjoy mostly any Brony song! :D

My favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold and Daft Punk

I would list my favorite Brony artists, but my list would bore you to death. :XD:

I suck at drawing and stuff. I'm more of a "screw around with art stuff and then...BAM! Art!" kind of artist, if that makes any sense. :D

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